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Retro Dose #20 - Parasite Eve
In this Retro Dose we remember one Christmas Eve and parasites whom we met in the PSX classic Parasite Eve.

Parasite Eve was released in 1998., developed by Squaresoft for PSX, headed by none other than Uncle Hironobu Sakaguchi known for Final Fantasy . This leads to the conclusion that this is a RPG in some sort but in the survival horror flair. It does not sound to you like a warm, festive story? It might not be one of those traditional ones, but Parasite Eve took place at Christmas in the snowy streets of New York.

The whole thing started when a young cop Aya Brea goes to the gala opera theater when suddenly in the middle of the performance people start bursting to flames. Amidst the chaos and panic we realize that our Aya is for some reason immune to this unexpected ignitions, a little deeper into the game we find out  that the story is very complicated and that we could learn a little something about chemistry or biology.

Parasite Eve for PSX is also a continuation of the eponymous short story by Hideaki Sena. Also for the PSX, the sequel Parasite Eve 2 we Europeans  saw in 2000. In that sequel  the RPG elements were a little neglected and they boosted the survival horror more  so the game was more like Resident Evil, including the "tank" controls. The third installment, almost unrecognizable - "3rd Birthday" we greeted on PSP  10 years later, and in the meantime appeared a film adaptation of the novel.

But aside the sequels that I personally don't like, Parasite Eve will always be my  first title in which I think of on Christmas (Sick I know). Ok so, relax, make a cup of hot chocolate (even tho its summer), just make a Christmas feeling around you and look at the introduction to the Parasite Eve through video below.

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