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Retro Dose #22 - Aladdin
This time in Retro Dose we will not try to avoid the hellish heat but we will meet it with a great retro title - Aladdin for the Sega Genesis.

For some time, players have known that titles based on current movies should be avoided, but that has not always been the case. One of the titles found in this situation was Disney's feature-length Aladdin who, with his movie premiere in 1992, delighted the big and small audience. Thus, the process of adapting popular slots to the growing media of video games was an opportunity that could not be missed.

In 1993, from the Virgin Games developer we got the official Aladdin for Sega Genesis, and then for SNES, Amiga and MS-DOS, which further enhanced the audio-visual presentation. The whole thing at the very beginning was, at least for today's salty standards - unexpectedly great. Not only was it one of the best titles for Sega Genesis, but probably the best Disney game based on an animated film to date. But how was it so good?

Probably because the Disney animators themselves worked closely with the developer to create the fluctuating movements of residents of Disney's classic magical kingdoms, a method that was continued to use for most future titles like Lion King and Hercules. Along with all this, the game itself is also accompanied by official music, as well as the faithful landscapes of the film itself, like the streets and roofs of the town of Agrabah, which were hard to resist.

Later, Aladdin saw the NES and Game Boy versions, which naturally turned out to be somewhat poorer, but there were actually some other great Aladdin titles like the one made by Capcom, which was designed for SNES by Shinji Mikami in the same year, known today for somewhat darker titles like Resident Evil, Shadows of the Damned and Evil Within.

As far as Aladdin's inheritance is concerned, it was also a continuation that was supposed to use 3D models like those seen in Donkey Kong Country, but that idea dropped, at least until the PS1 era when Aladdin got quite a few solid, if not great 3D games.

Take a look at the video of a complete gameplay from Genesis's Aladdin which showed the beloved story in a fun way fairly faithfully transmitted to the media of video games.

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