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Retro Dose #25 - Monster Rancher
Here's a game that many do not know, and could be liked by Pokemon fans. Plus, something very interesting happens when you eject a disc during the game. Lesson from Gaming History, People!

Do not let your name frighten you, I know that this "Monster" part might sound awful for some but Monster Rancher is slightly more inclined to Pokemon, but unlike the RPG genre, this is actually a simulation of life and concern about various "animals".

As it has gained 17 extensions and iterations for almost two decades, I will only hold the first one that Tecmo released in 1997 for PSX. With such a large number of extensions it would be concluded that this is something extremely popular. It is, at least in Japan. However, Pokemon simply has no competition and Monster Rancher is set in the "forgotten realm".

At the ranch you own, you can hang out with one of many different "monsters", but some are simply animals from whatever angle you look at. In order for your pet to remain strong and healthy, you will need to refill your ranch with various things, and the monster you care for and watch must also train to participate in the battles. Among other things, it is important to make important decisions about his upbringing and to set up the time for rest or play between the training. There would also often have been an opportunity for adventure in the exploration of unknown ruins, and all this comes down to challenging time planning and organisation.

With a look at the combat system, it would be inferred that this is a simple and primitive 2D fight, but the thing is, you have no direct control of your pet during the fight, but only a choice of a few tricks and moves that you just suggested what he should perform. How will it perform and whether it will listen to you will of course depend on pre-education and training.

But there's actually more to point out. Monster Rancher actually pointed to something completely different - a fixture I've never met anywhere else. In a special temple you have the opportunity to extract and replace briefly the official Monster Rancher CD with any other one. By downloading that other CD shortly, before playing the game back in the console, Monster Rancher would materialize you for a new creation. Most of all, this was how this system worked with any CD, either music or some random, and every different CD would get something completely different.

Specific discs would have specific results, so for example, the Harry Potter DVD would deliver a unique owl, which when you understand usually follows the entire day of taking out and putting everything you hold on the shelf.

Monster Rancher has had enough success to get an animated series of up to 73 episodes that went there somewhere in parallel with the sequel in 1999. In the video below, we've added you half an hour from the start of the game, along with the introduction, selection of beginners, training and course fighting. And no, you do not have to look at the whole video so you can freely skip to the part that seems most interesting to you.

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