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Retro Dose #27 - Chrono Trigger
In the near future we could spend some time again with the good old SNES. With this Retro Dose, we will try to alleviate the pain if a specific title is missing.

With a recent announcement, Nintendo has unveiled its new "SNES Classic Mini Retro Console", which is now ready to go with pre-orders, and with a little luck this time more than ten people will get it. As was the case with the previous NES Classic Mini, SNES will also feature a collection of some of the best titles of that generation, but many now argue that one of the necessary titles from that list is missing.

We're talking about Chrono Trigger that we will commemorate for a few minutes, one of the popular titles that many consider to be the best ever, not just among Square's JRPGs but also in general video games.

The game would probably not be so genius for many people if the "dream team" did not work on it, designers including Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy), Yuji Hori (Dragon Quest) and Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), while for the music there were Yasunori Mitsuda (Front Mission, Xenogears) and Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy). With such a set-up, it is clear why the players remember this title to this day.

Chrono Trigger has placed us in the role of a young man whose life  suddenly becomes complicated. By encountering a princess who hides her identity, you continue to entertain yourself with a local festival, while you end up accidentally lost in time and space.

Some of the things that will follow are the journey into the far past, the future, friendship with robots, and also with the frog man. But it's not just a story that has been going on for thousands of years and has won the hearts of many players, because there was an interesting combat system, great music and several different locations that made this thirty hour trip unforgettable. Especially when we take into account that such an ambitious project has been able to survive so many years on the Nintendo console.

Although Chrono Trigger was originally released for SNES in 1995, it also switched to PSX in 1999, but this version had some load-related issues, so the SNES version remained the best choice. Ten years later, it was released again for the DS and today Chrono Trigger can be found on mobile phones.

If in the old days you were one of those who Chrono Trigger won, a video of even half an hour below could make you a little nostalgic. If you never played it, make sure you look to find out why everyone is constantly worshiping it.

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