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Retro Dose #29 - The Lost Vikings
Today we remember the old Blizzard title The Lost Vikings which we played two and a half decades ago.

Prior to Diablo and Warcraft, in 1992, for the SNES console, then Silicon & Synapse developer, known today as Blizzard Entertainment, has developed The Lost Vikings - a puzzle platformer, with three Vikings traveling through time. Erik who can run and break walls, Baleog that raises opponents and Olaf who can use their shield as a platform, got apparently abducted by aliens from their wooden houses to put them in a kind of a intergalactic zoo. Of course, our Vikings do not like it, so they try to escape, but they end up lost in time.

These were the times when the premise could serve all the ideas that nobody would have imagined, no matter how bizarre they were. Thus, the levels were complex on the basis of concepts from the Egyptian pyramids to the candy country through which the player would have to coordinate all three characters together to get to the exit. The game also enriched a co-op option in which one of the two players could move on to the third Viking, though the whole thing would be even more legendary if it was possible to include a third player as well.

The Lost Vikings also came to MS-DOS, Amiga, Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Console, and in 1997 we saw a full resume of The Lost Vikings 2: Norse by Norse West for PC, SNES, Sega Saturn and PlayStation where we played not only with the three well-known Vikings, but also with a werewolf, and a dragon. And that's it, the Vikings did not have a bigger history since Blizzard move to other projects, some of which you probably already know well, but today, for the lost Vikings, we can still see how they live in Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm. To make sure that you are still enjoying the dose of a fried nostalgia, the introduction and escape from the spacecraft of the first The Lost Vikings can be seen with the video below, so feel free to look at the good old days.

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    October 14, 2017


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