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PUBG is now the most popular game on Steam
The record number of players playing at Steam at the same time does not belong to Dota 2 anymore.

It happened - Steam after a very long time has a new most popular game with a record number of active players. Dota 2 dominated the top ten most popular games on Steam since 2014 but PUBG has set a new record this weekend, knocking down the odds of 1.29 million active players in the same game.

The new record is growing and now stands at 1,338,091 players. Since PUBG has so far sold over 10 million copies, this means that every ten players who bought this game this weekend played this battle royale. For a title that has not yet come out of the beta, this is a precedent, and now it's just a matter of how long it takes for another game to set a new record.

I must admit, I am also caught in the PUBG train and I think at this point everyone  heard about the game, which is weird because the game had no marketing at all.

  • Alek
    September 25, 2017


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