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Retro Dose #31 - Drakan: Order of the Flame
In today's dose, we turn back to the past century when we, in the ambitious Drakan, cooked evil orcs with our own dragon.

Thanks to the popularity of the current Game of Thrones, I think we can now freely say that the idea of owning and riding their own dragon to the general public has become a more attractive concept. It was just the main concept in Drakan, which we got in 1999 on PC from Surreal Software developer.

As an action adventure from a third person in which you can ride your own winged companion, in the role of somewhat stubborn women, Rynn would also dig through various ruins, caves, and so on to rescue her kidnapped brother.

Though today it may seem like Drakan suffers from dense fog hazards and primitively harsh polygons, the nonlinear exploration of semi-open canyons with the available dragon was a pretty impressive and entertaining offer. Among the mighty mazes, the fire, and the free flight we could find some simple puzzles, but in fact it did not really stand out.

In 2002 Drakan also saw Drakan 2: The Ancient's Gates, but this time exclusively for the PS2 console. The Surreal Software logo throughout the years has not been seen many times since he had not had too many titles in his portfolio, though The Suffering is something we could have mention.

After the studio passed through Midway's hands, in 2009, it finally came into Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment hands to merge in 2010 with Monolith Productions, the same studio that will soon serve Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

But before you start harassing the orcs, remember how we've been doing it with the dragon that actually listened to us.

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    September 30, 2017

    I want this game

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