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Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator Review

"What is Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator?" Think of Shoppe Keep but it’s in 2D and you run a stall on the streets and is updated weekly! And there you go that’s Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator in a few words.

Information to keep in mind: This game is a   and it's current phase is Alpha Build 10 (I'll be reviewing the game on this build.)


  • Character customization. 
  • Pet customization (You can name them or choose a different breed if you want there are 4 to choose from)
  • Updated weekly! 
  • Plays well for an alpha build!
  • The UI for the game is nice and clean.
  • Can be addictive for a Few hours.
  • Medieval setting so Wizards and Warriors.
  • Feels like real life with having to pay taxes.
  • Has a few laws in the game which make it fun to play and adds a bit of a challenge to the game.
  • Random spawn in the gardens so you can gather materials like stone, stick and other items to craft better items to sell.
  • Crafting mechanic is fun to use so you can craft paper and glass to sell.
  • The asking price is right for what you get with the game.
  • Upgrade your shop and even name your shop! (I named mine “Cheap Land”)
  • You can buy multiple stalls and also farms to grow crops!
Little look at the world of Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator:


  • The tutorial could do with a bit of improvement does not help too much.
  • Can’t interact with the walking NPC in the streets.
  •  Animations could do with a bit of work example all the NPC swing left and right for walking could do with some improvement.
  • NPC AI path could do with some work as they walk into everything and pretty much get stuck.
  • Be nice if there was more interaction with the NPC like on the street you can talk to them and maybe sell stuff.
  • Only has one map at the moment so the village can be a bit boring after a while.
  • After a bit it can get a little bit repetitive.


For alpha this is a pretty good first impression of the game and I cannot wait to see what holds for the game I hope it does well with the updates it puts out every week, when the game comes out fully I may revisit it and review it again as I would love to see all the new features they have add in the future. So, what do I think of the game? I do enjoy these types of games and to see it doing well while its in alpha is impressive it may even beat Shoppe Keep if it keeps going this way. If you’re into running a shop and dealing with customers and you liked Shoppe Keep, you will enjoy this.

The order book with just a few items (ps there are loads of items to unlock and buy in this):

Bugs found so far:

  • The sound option “Music volume” does not turn the sound down in the main menu please fix this as the main menu music a bit too loud.
  • Some laws don’t work for example: “Can’t sell Bone Dust” but loads of customers buy it and you don’t get taxed or get in any trouble.
  • Money issues where NPC buy items but pay double for example: 1 Bone Dust cost 5 but the NPC pays you 10 coins so if they buy something for 300 you get 600 this does need fixing asap as its easy to make money.
  • Loosing certain items so I can’t order them again like I bought apples and saved and when I loaded the game I couldn’t order apples.
  • Random plants have a bug of some you cannot hit so you can’t pull them out a idea would be that when looking at the plant a dialog appears saying “Pull the plant” instead of guessing where to press E on it.
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