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Lake Ridden Review

Lake Ridden a puzzle/Adventure game PS. This is not a horror game!


  • Fun puzzles to solve that require some thinking.

  • Beautiful atmosphere.

  • The music is really nice as you walk around solving puzzles.

  • Voice acting is pretty decent.

  • Very well-written story.

  • Great backstories.

  • Some really well-placed sound effects.

  • Some achievements for hunters out there.

  • Pretty decent graphic settings.

  • Controller support for Xbox and PS4 controllers.


  • The game is a  little too pricey for how much you can do it in and how long the gameplay is.


This game is a full adventure/puzzle game so if that’s not your thing you may not like it, I personally love a good puzzle game so no shock to anyone I like this game. Aside from all that the game does offer some very nice visuals and art that are pleasing to the eye and the game does a lot correctly but sadly falls short on length and price, if the game was £7 or £8 I would pay that, not £15 - little bit too expensive in my opinion. This game does really well for atmosphere and puzzles however, so I give it a Thumbs Up.

The Landscapes

  • daedalus007
    October 06, 2018

    "Made in Unity" is not a Pro; honestly not even a Con.  >_>

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