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Band of Defenders Review

Band of Defenders, a basic FPS Tower defence game that takes place in the mad max style world but with mutants and a dead community.

Developer: Alda Games.

Publisher: Alda Games.

Engine: Unity Engine.

Game Size: 9.21 GB


  • Nice post apocalypse visuals (turrets, the defences and enemy’s).
  • No micro transactions.
  • Endless mode.
  • Optimised so no frame drops or hick ups.
  • Quite a bit of character customisation.
  • Steam cards and achievements.
  • If your into killing crows you can.


  • Dead game there are usually 0 players most I have seen is 1 player online.
  • It is not fun to play on your own as it gets boring.
  • The wait time to craft guns and health kits is annoying.
  • Not much time to build turrets or defences you have 24 seconds to build your defences.
  • £10.99/$13.99 Little bit too much for a dead game.
  • Looks like the Developers have abandoned the game last update was 27th April.
  •  Looping music.
  • Uses 99% of my GPU for some reason when on the main menu (I have a GTX 1070).
  • No button to end the build time.
  • No knowing where the enemy will come from while building.
  • Gets very boring and repetitive after an hour.
  • No story in the game.


Due to the community and no one really owning the game its pretty much boring with nothing to do and no one to play with. If this was free to play I’m sure more would play it and having the loot boxes as a micro transactions for cosmetics would be a way of keeping the servers up, but its dire and doesn’t have much going on for it, the game becomes so repetitive as defend this locations with no explanation or reason to save it or why it’s so valuable. In my opinion it’s not worth getting unless you have a friend or friends that’s got it too.


                                  The floor textures are pretty ugly.

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