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Smoke and Sacrifice Review
Smoke and Sacrifice is an open-world exploration RPG very similar to "Don't Starve Together" where you play as Sachi, a mother forced to sacrifice her child to the Sun Tree, a blazing tree which replaces the lost light of the sun that keeps her community alive and safe from the poisonous smoke who then ends up in a strange, twisted underworld where she'll discover a darker truth suspecting that her child is still alive and ventures out to learn of his fate.

In the underworld there are many odds stacked against Sachi, the over-lapping ecosystem with its unfriendly strange creatures that seek out food, defend their territory, and breed to increase their numbers challenging her every step in addition to the hazardous climate and the ever-looming smoke. The combat system it's very basic as there's only one button to attack and one button to dodge only.

Along the way there are many NPCs such as tinkers, street urchins, feral children that will give you advice to make things easier for you to advance. For that you'll have to do them a small service (side quest) in order to get the advice or you can just ignore them and figure out stuff yourself.

The world in Smoke and Sacrifice is very fascinating as the land is decorated with gnarly, wide-trunked trees, brass pipe networks finished with glowing Edison bulbs, and inhabitants outfitted with bowler hats and plague masks which is a very unique mashup between steampunk, and dark fantasy. Also the diverse biomes make the game more exciting and interesting to explore as each biome has its own unique creatures and mysteries to discover.

Despite all of the odds and the over-lapping environment, crafting is the main and only key of surviving and to advance the story line, because every craftable object in this game is designed for a purpose  such as a lantern to keep the smoke away from you or furry boots to be able to walk in the snow biome etc and the more you explore the more recipes you discover so you'll have to keep farming resources, sadly you can't craft chests to store your stuff and you will just come across them while exploring so just use them. Also, instead of just killing those strange creatures you can try to tame them using traps that you can craft and a correct bait so they help you in your battles and make you feel less lonely. The conclusion is, craft, fight and survive until you reach the truth.

My overall experience about this game was really great and I do recommend it to survival games lovers. If you are tired of zombie survival games and want something different, then this game is just for you, except that the price is very high unfortunately, as $35 for an indie game is way too overpriced so I'd just recommend buying it when the price goes under $20.
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