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Songbringer Review

Songbringer, an indie action RPG. It is said that this game is a Zelda clone and yeah that's true because we find Zelda clones everywhere except that Songbringer is unique with its futurist weapons, puzzles and world. The game begins abroad the Songbringer, an old spaceship that lands on a planet, victim of an old war. You play as Roq Epimetheos, accompanied by his inseparable robot Jib , after an accident, you land in front of a cave inside which is a sword called "Nano sword". After that, you are completely free to explore and find the 9 dungeons that make up the adventure.

World: Songbringer is a game with a very interesting world development system called "Procedural generating" which is capable of creating(generating) a complete random world to explore just like No Man's Sky and Minecraft , which gives you a unique gameplay and experience, trust me you'll never have the same experience twice, that's amazing isn't it? This world contains a gorgeous  nature combined with futurist scientific stuff with a variegated atmosphere, sometimes there's rain and sometimes thunder etc...

Gameplay and combat system: With smooth and fluid movements, a series of skills that can be gathered during the adventure and a navigation system through the plane that will let you know if you have already been previously in that quadrant of the map, or if you are in a closed and meaningless quadrant. Just like Zelda you explore the map, find currency and buy weapons and useful stuff, killing foes (seriously though there's a huge variety of enemies) and raiding dungeons. There are 9 dungeons in which you have to defeat a boss to get extra hearts, weapons and materials. As for the combat system, it's just a hack and slash type with 4 keys to use different weapons (Nano sword, boomerang top hat, bombs etc...)

Graphics: At first glance of Songbringer's screenshot you'll see that it's a totally old-fashioned pixel art however after playing the game you'll be surprised with lights, shadows and perfectly pixelated particles, which floods the entire screen, with reflections on the water,or footsteps in the sand, which is very fascinating!

Exploring the world of Songbringer, solving puzzles, raiding dungeons and killing foes and bosses was really enjoyable and fantastic experience for me and very nostalgic at the same time because it reminded me of my favorite game Zelda that's why I do really recommend playing this game BUT! I recommend buying it only if the price is under $15 because come on... why should an indie game be for $19.99 though even if it's cool I don't think that indie games in general should be worth more than $15 as a maximum amount.
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