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Hardware Engineers Review

Publisher & Developer: Green127 

What is Hardware engineers? If you could own your own computer shop and repair/build computers.

Fixing a computer

The story: There is no story just here is a shop good luck and make money.

Inspecting components to make sure they are all fine.

What is Hardware engineers but more in depth? Hardware engineers is a simulation game that you have to manage an IT business in a ever growing world of tech.

Skill tree

The mechanics: In Hardware engineers you create your own character and set what difficulty to play like easy,medium or hard, when you have done that you are thrown into a small shop with a laptop where you leave one page open and that's to buy all your items. Time from time customers will want you to fix there PC or upgrade it and lots more.

PC parts shopping


  • Good concept.

  • You get to spread the thermal paste.

  • Components names like AMP fx 8350 and etel i3.

  • Great modelling on some 3D parts you have to install.

  • Skill tree.

  • Money management.

  • Lots and I mean lots of PC parts.

  • Can be challenging.

  • Create your dream computer in the game.

  • You can customise and upgrade your shop.

  • Steam Workshop.

  • Potato computers can run this game.


  • There is no seller or other person you can buy so cant really do special offers.

  • Some menus can be a little confusing to navigate.

  • After a while like a lot of simulation games it can be a little repetitive.


This is a very fun simulation/management game if you are into building and repairing computers you will enjoy this game, as someone who actually build computers and repairs them this is a pretty accurate game apart from spreading the thermal past but if you enjoy management games and fixing and building computers then you will enjoy this game, so check it out on -> Steam.

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