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Devils Hunt Review

Developer: Layopi Games

Publisher:  1C Entertainment

What is Devils Hunt? Do you like hack/slash? do you like feeling powerful? Then you might like Devils Hunt.

Just a dream!

The Story: Devils Hunt story is about Desmond who is a big shot in his eyes, has everything he could ever want till he loses his big match and comes home finds his wife cheating on him or was she? After seeing this Desmond can’t take it and drives off the edge, after being saved by lucifer he offered a deal as he is the saviour and destroyer, so he makes a pact with Lucifer and does his tasks until he wants to take charge.

The beach!

What Devils Hunt but more in-depth? Devils Hunt is a 3 person action/hack and slash adventure where you go around killing Devils/Demons and Angles and becoming more powerful the more you kill/find souls.

Stalking his pray

Devils Hunt Graphics: The graphics of Devils Hunt are very nice and pleasing to see you can tell there has been a lot of work and passion in the art and design of the world as everything is well made and looks stunning.

Just found this laying there at a construction site.

The Mechanics: The mechanics of Devils Hunt are very simple to pick up RB to do light attacks and RT to do Heavy attacks, you can combo these as well to do little more damage. The more you kill the more you can upgrade your skills allowing you to get better skills like throwing spears at your enemies or sucking them into a void you can also drain souls of weak monsters with these they can heal your health a little allowing you to keep fighting, in the game you are given 2 lives that don’t regen so when you run out you can spam A and get back up and fight. There are 3 types of powers you can use like executor which is the strongest and does lots of damage, unholy which helps with health and range attacks, void which can stun them or suck them through a hole.  

The Skills.


  • Controller support.

  • Achievements.

  • Good level design.

  • Beautiful world design and art.

  • Fun/Easy combat.

  • Lots of secrets to see.


  • Story is mediocre.

  • Maps can be a bit boring and empty.

  • Short game time.

  • Animations could be better.

  • Very linear levels.


Devils Hunt is a ok game if it’s on sale and you don’t mind killing some time and getting into a ok story I would recommend Devils Hunt but it does have a few flaws but if you can get past them then this is for you, so if this interest you then check it on -> Steam.

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