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Joggernauts Review
Joggernauts is an infinite runner with a deceptive childish flair

You (or your friends if you have any) have crash-landed on a planet where you will be jogging for your life!

Since I myself have only had single player to go off of, this will not be a comprehensive review of the party game elements.

My first impressions of the game were actually really fun. I've played bitrunner before for a brief amount of time and thought myself competent at infinite runners.


The first world was challenging but doable, but afterward, I got absolutely reamed. The game is fairly simple, you have a blue character and a red character, and you switch between them to activate switches and platforms along with bypassing obstacles to progress. As the game goes on, it becomes increasingly more taxing and asks more of the player. It honestly became overwhelming for me personally, mostly because I don't really play platformers, when I was a kid I used to play a lot of adventure games and lately FPS's and simulators but this is a whole different ballgame. More so focused on coordination and timing on your movements, knowing when to switch and jump at the right movements, and most importantly when not to overreact. It does have a difficulty setting, sort of. You can adjust speed and lives but with no cost.

There isn't much to say about the game in terms of gameplay, even if challenging its fairly simple. Controls are something to get used to, using ZXCV on the keyboard for controlling the character and for an Xbox controller X to switch, oddly enough the d-pad to make the character in the back to jump, and A for the character in front to jump, and with that said, I highly recommend a controller. there are three worlds with 9 levels, 8 with 2 trophies and one solely with a collectible character. The characters are just skins for the player with no benefit to gameplay. Collecting all trophies for all levels for all worlds does not do anything to my knowledge (not that I was able to myself anyway, and I personally did not want to lower the game's challenge) other than give you a star on the indicator for the level showing you did so after a short challenge segment after the level. If you lose though, you have to replay the level, which isn't too bad since they go by fairly quickly for the most part. If I had to guess 5 minutes at most. Often during levels you will be asked to choose two different paths, up and down, one leading to a trophy, and one bypassing it, some are hidden some are in the open.

Music & Graphics:
The visuals are vibrant. Childlike machinations of creatures roam landscapes, with bright hues and wacky characters. Music is upbeat and very simple, doesn't do more than it has to and does well at setting the mood adequately. It also has enough variation to not annoy the shit out of a player during reoccurring failures so that's good.

Nothing outstanding hear either, the sound provides enough feedback to the player for the game not to be jarring, but it's not enough to immerse. if anything is going to immerse its the challenge that comes with the game.


Great challenge if you want to play by yourself and have a fun time with platformers, and good if you just want to sit back and enjoy the visuals, but I think this game would more so excel with friends in terms of enjoyment, otherwise it's a short if skill-testing game that provides a good time to an individual looking for a more hardcore interpretation.
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