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BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre Review

What is BDSM(Big Drunk satanic massacre)? Do you like dark jokes? is your kink BDSM? Do you like killing cartman? Then this could be the game for you?

Sea of farts

The Story: BDSM story is a pretty standard day for demons getting to drunk and getting kicked out of a bar and going out and killing stuff while drinking and getting the babes.

Lots of death!

What BDSM but more in depth BDSM is a top down shooter with multiple guns and lots of gore and nudity plus bosses.

Some of the upgrades you can get!

The Graphics of BDSM: The graphics are 3D and nothing interesting/unique about them.

The Mechanics: The mechanics of BDSM are like any other top down shooters shoot the bad guys and save the world or destroy it, there are multiple guns like shotgun, AK47 with a grenade launcher and a bazooka each gun has their own secondary attack like the pistol fires all bullets and the ak47 shoots the grenade launcher. There are quite a few different enemies like peter griffin and cartman who fart and when they die they leave burgers that want to eat you, the bosses in the game have there own quirks like the first one where he just a fat guy who sets the floor on fire and summons enemies plus there is a rage mode which fires a massive lazer at your targets dealing massive damage.

Got love the loading screen!


  • Achievements.

  • Well made.

  • The jokes are dark but funny.

  • Challenging.


  • Pricey for what it is coming in at £15/$20.

  • No new game plus.

  • No chapter select to go back to old levels.


BDSM is a very dark game with some jokes like the newest update changes the currency to toilet paper and jokes about the current massive issue at the moment but if you overlook the joke and take it as it joke then you will have a good time as it is a fun top down shooter, so if this interest you then check it on -> Steam.

Developer: Big Way Games

Publisher: Big Way Games

  • jeanpineda
    June 08, 2020

    me gustan estas clases de juegos esta bueno el articulo

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