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Little Big Workshop Review

What is Little Big Workshop? do you like watching your minions I mean workers working hard? Do you like watching them money for you? Do you like watching always in the break room after moving some wood?

My Little workshop!

The Story: There is no story just you own a little workshop that you work your way up to expanding and making more money.

My plans for making a desk!

What is Little Big Workshop but more in depth? Little Big Workshop is the mirage game studios first game to be released so well done them, the game is a very cute management game where you take control of a workshop and make your workers work hard to make you money.

Its expanding even more!

The Graphics of Little Big Workshop: The graphics are cute 3D graphics with model town art style.

Me clearing the rats out my workshop!

The Mechanics: Little Big Workshop mechanics are very simple to pick up just choose a project and how much can you do in a certain amount of time before the market changes, meaning it could go down in price or go up, but as you minions sorry workers work you can see them create the object and watch how bad they organise there stuff, but you have to be carful as your workshops could blow up if they are not maintained well  but they could also be sabotaged by your nemesis, nemesis there are little minigames like you could get a infection of fungi/mold where you have to find it before it spreads, another one is finding all the nemesis agents who are there to scout your workshop and sabotage it and there are more but this review would go on for a while. Plus, you can let your workers be specialized in certain roles like wood technician meaning he works faster with wood products and can use certain machines to get the job done but they cost a little bit extra and 1000 gold to train.

I think ive made a sweatshop now!


  • Achievements.

  • Well made.

  • Very cute game.

  • Challenging at times.

  • Easy to pick up.

  • You can play it for hours and not get bored (I played this for 6 hours straight)

  • Fun mini games.

  • Good tutorial to help you out.


  • You cannot customize workshop like adding carpet or just something to make the floor look better.

  • Few bugs like the most common was it would be stuck at 98% just missing one object.



This is a very fun management game with cute graphics I really found it hard to get some cons cause there was no issues I could find but this game is really fun and you will find yourself playing this till 4 in the morning with how fun it is and the mechanics that just make you say one more product , so if this interest you then check it on -> Steam.

Developer: Mirage Game Studios

Publisher: HandyGames, THQ Nordic

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