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Dreadborne Drifters Review

What is Deadborne Drifters? Do you like 2D Gore? Do you like looter shooters? Do you like being a badass?

The Hub!

The Story: There is no story but if you count killing heretics and mutants a story then it is.

Killing time!

What Deadborne Drifters but more in depth? Deadborne Drifters is a looter shooter but not 3d and the only way to get new stuff either completing 3 quests to get a chest or doing quests for more gear.

My gear!

The Graphics of Deadborne Drifters: The graphics of Deadborne Drifters is 2d arcade style which gives it some charm.

Close to death!

The Mechanics: the mechanics of Deadborne Drifters Is like every looter shooter, you will play get better gear become more powerful and repeat till you’re a badass, but in this game there is schematics that are random guns or armour that are high level but these can have effects like vampire which allows you to suck the blood of enemies when they die or cannibalism where you can eat the enemies dead bodies and regain health there are lots more though to find and use, in the main hub of the game there are shops in these shops are items that can help you on your journey like upgrading skill points or even buying special gear that will help on your travels. There are classes in the game which gran special abilities like the necromancer who can suck the blood of his enemies or shoot shuriken’s. There are elemental weapons but sadly the game doesn’t tell you what there strong against.

The Classes!


  • Achievements.

  • Fun to play.

  • Lots of gore.

  • Challenging.

  • Lots of guns.

  • Multiple classes to play from.


  • Missions are very short like 2 mins short.

  • The tutorial could use some work.

  • Level design is not the best.

  • No information on weapons like what they are strong against.


This is a hidden gem lost in steam if you’re into looter shooters or just a coffee break game it does offer quick fun if your looking for that plus the price is pretty fair for the game, so if this interest you then check it on -> Steam.

Developer: Tryzna

Publisher: Tryzna83

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