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My Tower, My Home Review

Few words about the game

My Tower, My Home is a nicely done combination of a tower defence game with a 2D shooter. It's a very dynamic game where enemies come from every direction to destroy the core of your tower and your goal is to defend it using multiple strategies with a ton of perks you can choose from. Try to survive few waves and don't die too quickly ;)


  • A huge variety of mods, upgrades and skills to choose from
  • Very nice and minimalistic graphics
  • Co-op mode for 2 local players
  • Game is quite challenging, as after some waves of enemies it slowly becomes even overwhelming (game offers few difficulties so don't worry)


  • Gets pretty repetitive after a while, game unfortunately contains only one map
  • Sounds are far from being polished


The game is overall fun for what it is and yes, might get boring, but before it will happen, you will have some great fun trying to get further and further, trying out different tactics. The idea of blending those few game styles is also a nice thing and as you can all see, it worked out pretty interesting. I really hope that soon we will see an update with some new content to it, I would gladly try it out. So yeah, I had some neat fun playing it, I totally recommend it and I really hope that my review was helpful to you!
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