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Collider Review

Few words about the game

Collider is a great, colourful arcade game with non-stop energetic gameplay, from the very beginning of it. You get to choose from one of 5 different game types, each with its own unique rules and variety of amazing music in the background. Single player is good and challenging, as it's quite hard to achieve good scores alone. Multiplayer however is epic and terribly addictive, I can't wait for another opportunity to play with someone else, it's just too good!


  • - Game is full of colours yet not with exaggerated amount of them, so it's pleasant to eye the whole time
  • - Quality and diversity of soundtrack is amazing, I love this retro tone!
  • - Controls are simple
  • - Gameplay is smooth and nicely done
  • - Idea of game is overall good and innovative, I'm really addicted to this game right now
  • - Local multiplayer works perfect, with great ideas of competitive and cooperative rules
  • - Cost of it is entirely worth playing it


  • - There are no options in game, it could really use audio or at least sensitivity options
  • - Lacks a bit of introduction into different game types, for example I accidentally discovered that I'm able to shoot after about 20 minutes of solo gameplay (I played on controller)
  • - Could use an option to add bot as other players for people who are not able to test out local multiplayer
  • - Bad news for people who don't own any kind of controller - it's required to play multiplayer


The game is excellent, addictive and have high replayability for people who want to get better and better at it. I really enjoy playing it, single player might get boring when you feel like you reach your limits and won't get any further with scores, but multiplayer is phenomenal, I can't wait to have an occasion to play more (I really hope bots / internet multiplayer will be added one day). The description also says that the game is moddable. Unfortunately, I'm not gifted with skills of creating my own mods, so I can't wait to see what other people are capable to create from it. I will definitely play more soon!
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