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Tower Princess Review

Tower Princess Review


A charming 3D roguelite platformer about a normal day in the life of a knight! Sharpen the spear and make the Dragon run in fear! Oh, and also try to manage a date with princesses & princes you rescue.

Once upon a time, in a Far Away Land, an Evil Dragon took prisoner every royal heir he could meet. Lots of worthy suitors of every kingdom tried to face the beast, without success. Now it's your turn! You'll have to do your best to beat the dungeon, defeat the dragon, and manage the most perfect date!

Developed by AweKteaM, published by HypeTrain Digital.

Released on the 8th of September 2022.

A knight, with either a musket or a sword. You must dungeon crawl your way through with your chosen princess to slay the dragon while also rescuing other princess'.

Explore many areas, each playthrough is not the same, as the rooms shift in every location, sometimes you won't even get the same kind of rooms. Discover hidden secrets, eliminate the hostiles with equipment found in chests or monsters, and prepare yourself to face the 2 mini-bosses of each area.

Begin in the castle and work your way through to the Garden, and then eventually, make your way to the Dragon themselves. Dodge, duck, dive and dip, conquer the floors, and save those princesses!


You start off with many skills in the beginning, this is the tutorial stage. Fairly straight forward so far.

However, it does get more difficult the more further you get into the game, I would not recommend playing with Keyboard and Mouse though, the Controller is much more suited to this.

At the end of the tutorial, you are faced with a dragon, that you have to kill, but ultimately you are doomed from the very beginning, that dragon is impossible to kill, and are forced to die, therefore ending the tutorial.

This is now where you can choose to either be a Musketeer or a Swordsman from basically level 1.

Venture off into the Dungeon with your trusty companion the Kobold Princess and find yourself some more Princesses to rescue. I personally felt like the Mermaid Princess was extremely great. Each Princess has their own unique abilities, which can be upgraded by gifting them the right Gifts.

Gifts can be found throughout all stages, but can be sometimes rare. Be warned though, gifting a wrong present wastes the gift and therefore does not level up the skill of the Princess.

Tower Princess is basically a dungeon crawler set in the medieval days. And rightly so since you have to hunt the dragon. But before you do, you will have to beat 2 mini-bosses. One in the castle area, and one in the garden area, be warned the garden area is not to be trifled with, you will get yourself killed if you aren't careful, I know I've already died countless times already.

There are 36 achievements for you to entertain yourself with.

Final Thoughts

You wouldn't believe me if I told you what I first thought the game was about. At first I thought it would be like some girly game, and boy was I mistaken! It turned out to be pretty good and sure.. The grind is real if you want to attempt the bosses, I guarantee that it's worth it though.

The Garden area is hard, and you can probably get some good distance around your 5th try, so keep trying and good luck facing those mini bosses.

All in all I'd recommend people to give it a go with the ever changing rooms on each playthrough, be watchful for hidden secrets too.

For those that like to own DLC's the game comes with a Supporters Pack which includes the artwork and Soundtracks.

Tower Princess webpage is here - https://www.towerprincess.com/
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