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Gross Review

Gross Review


Developer - hangry owl games / Publisher - hangry owl games and HAWTHORN GAMES.

GROSS is a unique twist on the classic tower defence genre. 

After building your formidable defences, you will jump into the fray to take on enemies head-on.

Make sure to collect as much cash as possible to upgrade your defenses and stay ahead of the game. Can you outlast the waves of the undead?

Ever wanted to bring the fight to the zombies in a tower defence game? Don't let the name fool you, it is in no way gross, but a fun action-packed, First person shooter.

Money is in short demand as you try and strategise in a way that will bring you a victory with the least amount of damage dealt to your R.V, use an M.G to gun those pesky zombies or maybe you are the type of player who would rather burn them alive?

A unique take on the tower defence games, you can say that you have played games like this, but you have yet to play this game, and trust me you don't want to miss out!


You start in the main research facility, which I suppose you could call a tutorial and this tutorial is where you will learn the controls of movement and shooting.

Later you'll be taken to the tower defence portion of the tutorial, which in my opinion isn't all that bad considering.

The aim of the game is that you must survive 10 rounds of increasingly difficult enemies, though the difficulty can be adjusted in the van, which in my own opinion is a great feature rather than a button somewhere hidden in the settings to change it.

You are given enough room to build your towers and strategy is your best friend, sometimes the best defence is the best offence, as I found out on some maps you can just focus on one side of oncoming zombies.

The controls are a little weird, to begin with, but become more fluid as you progress, through the stages and start learning.

The general designs of each zombie are great, you can tell the difference between each one and you are also able to tell what zombies do as you can and will get blown up by those perky suicide bomber zombies!

A major dislike that I saw during my time was the lack of money that you can gain, I was never able to fully equip, or obtain any of the more expensive towers, money is lacking and therefore hinders.

Sure there is a multiplier, and if you get it higher then you'll earn more, but I just think it's not worth the hassle, the lack of money needed if you are playing on Hard difficulty or above is a joke, with barely any progress.

Since you can only store $1000 on your person, it becomes shocking when you realise that it's all gone with only a couple of turrets, your cash will disappear if left on the ground.

You can store more if you BUY an ATM in later games, but these have such short ranges.

Other than that big complaint above, the game runs real smooth, alongside the mini-bosses that can be found. Hordes can either be small or large depending.

If there is something I wish was a thing, perhaps something that allows the player to kind of like an endless session, with increasingly more difficult enemies as you progress through levels 20, 30, 40 and so on.

One thing that the game does offer, and I sure hope you can read fast is a long block of text for a story. For each mission, you are given a text wall of story, and sure I love a good story, this will probably make anyone's eyes hurt and you do need to be quick when reading as it scrolls fairly quickly.

Final thoughts

At first glance, you would want to try it as it does incorporate FPS into a tower defence game, though it's not like the rest of its genre and it is certainly different than others of its kind.

I would come back to it and probably play on easy or medium difficulties.

The game is currently being updated from time to time, as I recently had an update for it, so at least it is active!

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