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Soul Tolerance: Prologue Review

Soul Tolerance Review

Developer and Publisher - Chaosmonger Studio

(Note: This is the Prologue version)

In a world where artificial intelligence is all that remains, be a robo-detective, and investigate a mind-bending case.

Explore a futuristic Japan brought to life in detailed voxel art, and uncover philosophical lore through tons of characters. 

Become AI and dive into the mystery of consciousness.

The developer behind "Three Minutes to Eight" and based in Estonia, they bring you their latest game "Soul Tolerance"

Humans have long been extinct, for around 150 years! But that does not repel the fact that AI is any better in this world either.

War, oppression, and worker rights are still a thing of the future, but with the vast knowledge that is AI, you would think it would get better.

Play as a lone detective named Unit-12 and uncover the deceit and secrets that are Soul Tolerance.


There isn't much of a tutorial, but it will teach you the basic controls of moving, camera rotating and scanning.

As far as general gameplay goes you must point and click to move where you want to go, I found that holding the left mouse button in the direction that I wanted to go was much more efficient, you can either sprint if you go beyond the walk area.

Sprinting mixed with the camera movements is not the most ideal control mechanic in this game, as it does appear to cause some unnecessary stutters in movement.

Playing this game, you will soon realise that it's not as easy as you think it is when you start playing, there's no objective marker in Soul Tolerance, everything that you do, you must find for yourself, even if it's backtracking using the scanning skill down every street.

Scanning isn't so effective though, it only has a small window to use until it has to recharge. It takes longer to recharge than it does when you use it... Like wow.

Scattered around the 3 main districts, the Low end, Middle district and Upper district, you will notice robots that you can talk with, quests that you can pick up, and a vast collection of lore of the game setting that can be collected.

Some robots like Tia, the old history collector, will give you a massive encyclopedia of the old times, and trust me when I say... It's a long one, I wouldn't want to have been the one to code that into the game.

As you explore the various areas around the city, you'll find puzzles, random items that can be given, shops, information relating to quests, and pure dead ends with no leads.

I found myself lost as I had spoken to everyone.

After exploring the various areas, and collecting information, one can't help but think that some improvements could've been made. 

Most notably, the camera movement which in my opinion is a cruel joke, and the lack of objective markers - I understand that it's an investigative game, and you must discover for yourself, but wow this game is hard enough already.

Just when you think you found something new, it leads to a dead end, and then you are just wandering around, hoping that you find something new.

There are teleport options once you find the location, which makes travelling a whole lot easier but doesn't make it any easier to find your next objective marker.

Final Thoughts

For a game that looks like it was made out of Legos and Roblox game engine, it's got a wonderful city aesthetic in its voxel design.

While the game is difficult, one with patience could eventually find the true way, and maybe JUST maybe you can find P.K.A's 3 lost cats. I only found one, such sad times.

I love a good story, and puzzle game just as much as the next person, but I just wished that it was at least a little easier finding your way around.



I rated it a 3

Simply put, the game has its aesthetics, it has its lore, it has a great story with lots of characters. 

However, the lack of navigation just doesn't thrill me enough to want to waste hours looking for that one robot hiding in an alley somewhere.

(5 being the absolute best)



For more information, visit the official website HERE

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