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Fortnite Review
Here we go... Fortnite, a game that was so hyped up and yet I never heard about it until I got it from a friend. I don't really know how to describe this game - It’s a cross section of all things people are into these days with some old school Epic Games DNA tying it all together. It’s part Minecraft, in that you bust up trees and rocks with a pickaxe to build big fortresses out of big snappy pieces, and part tower defense in that zombies creatures make a beeline towards said base with the singular goal of destroying your creations. It’s also a third-person shooter with class-based co-op synergies and tons of loot—traps, weapons, heroes, and even NPC support characters. Fortnite is a lot of things. It’s too many things, really.

The game is actually a big grind and it uses a lot of mobile games influences (microtransactions) which is understandable since the game will go F2P  in 2018. But since now you have to pay for it - why put microtransactions in? Why not just give currency boosts to help people who bought the game actually advance without having to grind. I mean... they aren't a big deal, but it still bothers me. I played the game for ~20 hours and I am yet to get stuck behind a pay wall.

It's a really fun game - if you have friends. If you play alone you will get paired with random people who will probably do something to fail the bonus mission - fail the bonus mission and you don't get better loot (and this game is all about loot). But if you play with friends you're gonna have an awesome time, and since I love ruining games for my friends I've spent most of the time building around them when they were afk.

Bear in mind, the game is in early access so it has many bugs and it's unfinished - but it's not unplayable. Fort building is easy and you can switch from combat to building/repairing really easily. Combat is satisfying but it has one flaw - durability on weapons which means you will have to grind for components to craft them - they will break and you have to grind again.

There are 4 main classes - Soldier, Constructor, Outlander and Ninja. All of them are pretty balanced and fun to play - but cmon... Ninja rules.

Overall I enjoyed this game I will continue to play it since it has so much features and so many more stuff I don't yet understand (Survivors, Squads etc.) so here are my ratings on the game.








It would have been 10/10, but microtransactions just annoy me so much. Still if you are thinking of buying it buy it. It's a lot of fun and there's tons of missions and quests you can do so you're gonna be occupied for a while, probably 100+ hours.

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