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Biosupremacy Review
First of all, I don't like this game so if you wanted to hear good stuff about Biosupremacy you will probably be disappointed. So lets start.

In BioSupremacy, you play as the last remnant of an archaic alien civilization. A multidimensional being has recovered some ancient DNA allowing him to create powerful creatures that now roam the universe looking to dominate every planet on sight. Your duty is to stop them before they take control of the entire universe! Sounds fun? It isn't.

I started the game for the first time - waited 15 minutes for it to load which is unforgivable since this game does not look demanding - graphic and audio wise. Right of the bat the game shows me controls and that is probably the biggest thing that bugs me - controls are too weird..

Arrow keys to move, A to dash, S to attack and Q W E are your skills, it takes some time to get used to but I found myself accidently pressing dash instead of a skill and vice versa. Also another thing - the bosses, usually when you see a boss you think "Oh so now the game is gonna test my skills that I learned throughout the game". That is not the case here, here the bosses are "Hey, I think this game is too short so I'm gonna have a lot of health - I won't be hard, I'll just have a lot of health, you're gonna fight with me for 10-20 mins". And that brings us to 2 things :

1. The game is too short, even with long boss battles, you're gonna need approx. 2 hours to finish it.
2. The game gets really boring - really quick.

I am sorry for blasting this game but that is just my opinion on it, I mean, it's not overpriced, its 5,99€ on Steam, and you will get an hour of "entertainment" but I just can't play it - I felt like I was torturing myself for trying to finish it so I can review it. So here's a quick recap.


RATING: 5/10

Some people may enjoy this game and gameplay can be fun sometimes, but most of the time you will just do same things all the time - Run here, kill mobs that spawn in your way, fight the boss, repeat.


RATING: 8/10

The story is actually very good, you are an alien that questions its existence and purpose of living - to get the answers you have to kill your maker. Everything is well written and I think the story is the best thing in Biosupremacy


RATING: 5/10

The graphics look innovative and new at the start, but later it just gets annoying since the different ares are just painted differently, I won't talk much about this because there is not much to tell. The character animations look like something that was made for a browser game. But I'll stop talking s*** about the game since it is an indie title...


RATING: 7/10

The music is good, makes you pumped up for the action with the futuristic sounds and good beats (not by Dre) however the character sound are very disappointing, again it makes you feel like you're playing a browser game.

Well that's it, if the developer is reading this I am very sorry but this is just my opinion, if someone thinks this game looks fun - buy it, I'm just not into games like this.

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