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Disputed Space Review
Here's a review about a game that is more of a "let's play it for a few minutes and forget about it" then a normal game.

Disputed Space is a fast-paced arcade action game, not a realistic simulator. Players pilot a small fighter ship that can fly in any direction (including backwards) while blasting enemy ships with lasers and missiles. That is what is written on their Steam page, and unfortunately, that's it... that is the whole game. It feels like something you would play in an Arcade 20 years ago, just try to get the highest score. I understand it's an indie game and it's in early access but come on, there are 50 levels, all of them play the same (with a new type of enemy here and there) but it's still just - hold mouse button and turn around. I know I shoudn't be bashing an indie game so much, but this isn't worth 5Euros, it's more of a 1 euro game, to have some fun with it for 30 minutes then deinstall it and never play it again. I really hope that in the future this game gets better, because it has potential, a multiplayer mode would be great. And that's it, I really can't describe it to you anymore so I'm just gonna go to scoring.


RATING: 2/10

Don't really know if the game has a story, it just puts you right in the action, there might be a story so I won't rate it a 0 or 1 :)


RATING: 6/10

I'm kinda indecisive about the visuals. Yes it all looks flashy and nice, but it's maybe too flashy. I played it for 30 minutes and my head just started to hurt, I was really trying to concentrate on the game so I can see all the aspects of it and review it but it's really rough on the eyes sometimes.



Ok the sound in this game is great. It feels like you're playing that space mission in Star Wars Battlefront 2 ( the real one not the shitty EA one). I think the sound is the best thing this game has to offer.


It's not bad, but it's not good. I really don't know how to review this game because it does have potential, but I don't recommend it right now, maybe at a discounted price. Again, I don't know what to say, I have no idea what the developer is planning to add in the future. So, if you like space shooters, try it out just don't hope for hours of fun.
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