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X-Morph: Defense Review
Do you like explosions and destruction? Do you enjoy being a commander? Do you like lasers, rockets, those pew-pew thing from Star Wars? If yes then you're gonna enjoy this game.

X-Morph: Defense is an unique fusion of a top down shooter and tower defense strategy. You are the X-Morph - an alien species that invades Earth to harvest its resources and terraform the surface. Strategize in the build mode by carefully selecting various types of alien towers or throw yourself right into heat of the battle. Build mazes for incoming enemies in an environment that provides exceptional planning freedom. Tear down buildings and collapse bridges to support your defense or to simply indulge in a spectacle of unprecedented destruction. I've had a lot of fun in this game and, although it looks like it's repetitive - it really isn't. Every level you get introduced to a new type of enemy, new weapon, new building etc. and it gives you that feeling of accomplishment when you finally beat the level, after it seemed impossible because you were getting attacked from all sides.

The game also features Co-op mode, the one I didn't see in any games for a very long time - Split screen. All missions have different gameplay scenarios designed specifically for co-op play. Enemies attack in larger numbers and from new directions making good cooperation essential to winning. In this mode the game can be played in many different ways, one player can focus on optimizing tower placement while the other shoots at enemies or they can both focus their firepower on the strongest attackers. It's all up to you.


RATING: 7/10

Basicly, an alien lifeforms invaded earth, and you are their pilot, your task is to protect the harvesters from human forces, it's really nice but it doesn't really go any further then that


RATING: 9/10

The biggest plus in this game, everything works fluid, every shot is visible and well designed, the game is just nice to look at


The shooting, explosions etc. all sound great, but voice acting is kinda... dull. It just feels they could have done a better job at this.


Not an AMAZING game, but it's fun, and in the end it's all a game has to be... fun. I recommend this if you want to play something casual (or hardcore) for a couple of hours. Also if you want to play with your family/better half/friend split screen is amazing and it will make your teamwork senses tingle.
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