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Ballistic Mini Golf Review
There is a saying that if you are going to do something the same as others, you either need to do it better or do it in a different way... this game achieves neither.

If you played Golf with your friends or Golf it! , you know why it makes those games fun. The fast-paced, competitive fun mayhem with fun shortcuts and fun courses. This game has nothing of that. It's slow, there are no players so competitive thing is out of the question, all courses look the same and I thought some of the holes were just repeating themselves. Basically, you're better off just getting the two games mentioned above, this one is a big no-no.

It's a clear copy of the Mini golf games that are coming out nowadays, but it doesn't add anything new, it actually does everything crappy. The ball-hitting isn't satisfying at all, the ball is moving so slow you're gonna lose your mind, again, no online community, the list goes on and on.


RATING: 0/10
When a Mini Golf game gets a story, that is the day I'm gonna stop playing games.


RATING: 3/10
Basically, looks like free 3D models just dropped together, and the background is just emptiness, there's no background events happening like in Golf with your friends.



Music is generic, gets boring and frustrating really quickly, and there are no other sounds except ball hitting... something.


I simply can't recommend when there is a game that is cheaper and better. Go play Golf With Your Friends or Golf It! instead.
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