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Old School Musical Review

Publisher: Dear Villagers.

Developer: La Moutarde

What is Old School Musical? Old School Musical is like if all the old retro games came together to fight a monster with rhythm.

Teenage Ninja Turtles.

The Story: Old School Musical is a tale of 2 heroes Tib and Rob who go out to save the world from (I’m not spoiling it ;)) to stop the glitching that's happening in each world which they have caused.

Metal Gear

What is Old School Musical but more in depth? Old School Musical is a rhythm game that works off the users inputs to fight the monsters and creatures and also bosses, you have a certain amount of health and missing notes will cause you to lose health.Plus with a very different kind of story you will find in any rhythm game out there.


The Mechanics: Its like all rhythm based games try not to miss too many notes but you get to see Tib and Rob hack and shoot while hitting the notes in time, If you get enough perfects you can regain some health so giving you longer to survive.

Final Fantasy


  • The controls are great.

  • Controller support.

  • Potatoes can run this game.

  • The story is quite funny to read.

  • Watching the main heroes fight while you hit the notes is great to watch.

  • The pixel art is well done.

  • Great old school music.

  • Lots of references to old games like Metal Gear, Pokemon, Final Fantasy and lots more.

  • Arcade mode for more of a challenge.

  • The DLC (Chicken Party Mix) adds a lot more to the game like a new game mode.

  • Has a measure system that measures sound lag and input lag which is a great feature.



  • The story takes 2 - 3 hours to complete (I wanted more).

  • Hard to tell sometimes if you have hit the notes.


I really enjoyed watching Tib and Rob kicking ass while you hit all the notes in time to the music. If you are really into rhythm games and enjoy some good old retro music to hit the notes to then this game is a no brainier so check it out on - > Steam.

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