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Flashing Lights Review

Deveolper: Nils Jarkins

Publisher: Excalibur Games.

Early access build: 080419-1

Role Selection!

What is Flashing Lights? If you like role-playing as a cop, medic or firefighter then you will like this.

Loading screen!

The Story: There is no story you just take on missions as each service so putting out fires as the fire fighters and arresting people who have done crimes in the city ect.

Online in EU

What is Flashing Lights but more in depth? Flashing Lights is an emergency service simulator which tries to emulate real life emergency services by giving you missions associated with that certain service

Putting out fires!

The Mechanics: The mechanics of Flashing Light is to go around solo or online with other people and completing missions with each mission complete you gain reputation which I’m not 100% sure what it does maybe your score?  The online servers are very active and you can role play quite a bit great with friends.

How to load a shotgun put your hand though it!


  • Pretty active online community.

  • Controller support.

  • Good roleplaying.


  • Can be a little repetative as nothing really to see or do sometimes.

  • Criminals can shoot non stop and never need to reload making them a pain to take out or arrest.

  • The driving is not the best.

  • Expensive for what’s in the game at the moment.

  • Lot of the service buildings are pretty barebones with nothing in them (I know its early access but I would expect these places to be done).

  • The game world is bare bones with nothing to see and basic assets.

  • Audio is Meh.

  • Bad AI.

  • Lots of bugs.


This could be the best game for people who love roleplaying like playing as medic patching people up and driving people to the hospital but the game does have a lot of work before it can become amazing, as its bare bones there isn’t really much to do but if you have friends that enjoy this type of game then you will enjoy this with then so check it out on -> Steam.

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