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Demon Pit Review

What is Demon Pit? Do you like retro shooters like doom, quake and blood? Do you like to fight in an arena? Do you like to see blood fly?

Just starting the wave!

The Story: Demon Pit does not have a story unless killing enemies is a story.

Feel like spiderman!

What Demon Pit but more in depth? Demon Pit is a classic fps shooter that takes it style from retro games like doom and blood where fast movement and quick shooting takes place as you run around an arena that’s always changing so you have to adapt to the new surroundings.

About start the pain train

The Graphics of Demon Pit: The graphics are retro with the art leaning more towards doom style.

The everchanging arena

The Mechanics: The mechanics of Demon Pit are very simple to pick up and learn as if you have played old retro games like blood then this will be no problem for you as you will be having to make some fast decisions like picking up ammo or just risking without it, there is a grappling hook as well which can help you beam across the arena which can help you get health or out of danger. There are 10 weapons as well each being bad ass my favourites have to be the shotgun, grenade launcher, and flamethrower.

Burning the poor fellas!

  • Achievements but there are only 12.

  • Well made.

  • The music is METAL ASF.

  • Old school shooter fell.

  • Challenging.

  • Grappling hook.

  • Always changing arena.

  • Cheap comes in for £6.19/$7.71.


  • No story would be nice to know how you got there.

  • FOV can only got to -75.

  • Be nice if the shooting felt more badass as sometimes feels weak.


Demon pit is a fun at time and gives me some nostalgic retro time from when I use to play games like doom and blood. For the price it is very cheap and very fun so if you have some spare money and fancy playing some retro shooter for old time sakes look no further, so if this interest you then check it on -> Steam.

Developer: Psychic Software, DoomCube

Publisher: Digerati

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