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The Sojourn Review

What is The Sojourn? Do you like puzzles? Do you like switching puzzles? Do you like puzzles that challenge you?

The start of my adventures!

The Story: The story is told in statues that appear but the story can be a bit confusing some times.

Completing puzzles to unlock the door!

What is The Sojourn but more in depth? The Sojourn is a puzzle game that as you complete these puzzles you can see little bit more of the story if you can understand what’s happening in the statues.

The temple being built as i get closer!

The Graphics of The Sojourn: The graphics are simple 3D graphics with simplicity in mind.

Great lighting and effects!

The Mechanics: The Sojourn mechanics are easy to follow but in later puzzles they become challenging and require some brain thinking only problem is its get very repetitive after a while and sometimes going for scrolls is not worth it as they don’t really offer anything apart from more stuff you would find in a Chinese fortune cookie but the game puzzles work like entering darkness to get across certain platforms where the light side doesn’t have one, while in the darkness you can interact with status like switching between them to get them into a portal that opens a gate and moving back and forward between to keep the darkness as when you move the darkness starts to go and you need to stand on a pad to get it back, there are other status like a music statue that when interacted with repairs certain paths so you walk across them. In the later stages you will get relics that allow you to interact with status with out needing the darkness but require little more brain power to make sure your using it right as some puzzles don’t feel like you did them right.

The fortune cookie scroll!


  • Well made.

  • Challenging.

  • Easy to pick up.

  • Lots of extra challenges.

  • Background music is very relaxing but very forgettable.

  • Graphics are amazing.


  • Story telling is weak and doesn’t tell much.

  • Repetitive after a while as when you get to the challenge room the puzzles are all the same.

  • The mechanics are very slow paced making it bit boring after a while.


If your into slow paced puzzles and relaxing atmosphere then I would recommend it but its not for me as its really slow paced and trying to keep up with the story is not the easiest and also I question what is the point of collecting the scrolls as they don’t really do anything but if you don’t mind any of this then I would recommend this game for you, so if this interest you then check it on -> Epic Store.

Developer: Shifting Tides

Publisher: Iceberg Interactive    

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