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Command & Conquer Multiplay(er)able

Command&Conquer online

I want to share this information with everyone who loved the glory of C&C - especially in multiplayer.
Yes it's true, EA took the servers for all of the C&C games down, but for 
anyone who might not know, fans of the amazing saga
created an own network to play online. All you have to do is to go to
C&C Online, register on the website and download the launcher. 

It will automatically ask you to create a log-in for the C&C Online servers.
Once done you simply start the launcher and you're ready to play online.
If you have the Steam Version of the game, you might run in some issues.
But nothing to worry about! The network behind C&C Online offers several
(Usually it only takes a desktop shortcut and to hook the game with the launcher)

To me, Command & Conquer has always been one of my favourite game and the multiplayer was the best about it.
Since all the servers are offline and there won't be any other C&C game anymore,
I want to let you know that there's still a way to get the great feeling of the game again!
Hopefully I was able to help old veterans out and I hope to see you guys online!
For NOD!

  • Highbuzz
    July 08, 2016
    <3 Hell yah :)
  • fairisnotalwaysjust
    July 09, 2016
    Were not all CC versions up to a point posted online by EA for free download? Which of them had abominable DRM?
  • fairisnotalwaysjust
    July 09, 2016
    Alternatives I enjoy (on steam) Grey Goo NightSiders
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