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Party Hard 2 Review

Welcome and enjoy my review of Everyone's Temptation, or so called Party Hard 2 ! For everyone who skipped on the fun that Party Hard by tinyBuild provided us few years back, it's a stealthy party slasher where we play the role of an 'Average Joe' that is sick of his repetitive, boring life and annoyed by everyone around. So, he does what we all would do - picks up a knife and goes crazy on a party! 

Jumping into to the second installment of the title, we come back the story of a guy going rampage on Party Killings. It might not be an incredibly convoluted and deep story, but for a game this size it's more than enough to add some interesting aspects for those interested enough to follow it.

Precisely like every 'next game' should be, everything is improved. Mechanics and controls are more taken care of and the game runs smoother, which allows us to avoid few annoyed rages caused by getting stuck in the previous one. Not only quality of graphics is improved, there's also added a whole new 3D element and beautiful lightning. And of course let's not forget about the awesome soundtrack, which fits perfectly into the scenery! The only shame is that it's few songs short and can become repetitive towards the end of the game.

Before you jump into the game, you can pick your character, one out of two at the start - plus 2 unlockable and 3 from DLC - each of them with individual skill or equipment and choose the difficulty that fits you the most. Once you've decided, you're ready to start the journey through 14 unique levels. Thank tinyGods, the levels are bigger and more complex, so you can get pretty creative with the way you reach the goals. Yep, there are goals now that are required to complete in order to reach level evacuation, which creates previously missing element of puzzle that require actual planning.  But wait, there's more! System of crafting, interactable surroundings that interact with each other (like water + electricity or a biker+alcohol) and 4 SLOT INVENTORY, so there's so many options to get through the level I guarantee you'll visit each of them more than once.

The game is not too long, basic story gameplay takes give or take 2 hours but don't get discouraged by that. Party Hard 2 offers not only Twitch interactions and Local Co-op to share some couch and fun with someone, but the whole public Workshop and Level Creator aswell! So as soon you'll complete what the story and characters have to offer, jump straight into the Workshop to see what other sick minds came up with or show off your own creative skills!

So to summarize it nicely, Party Hard 2 shows exactly how sequel should be done - understand what could have been done better and just do it! Game brings a fresh look at previously used art style, mechanics and level design and makes it good enough to keep the player interested until the end. For the price tag of £15 at it's full price (and even less at discounts which happens quite often), it's surely worth it to jump into the stealthy-slashy fun for solid few hours. Easy enough for casual players to enjoy the views and interesting mechanics, yet offers levels challenging enough to keep it interesting for everyone.

If you would like to support our store and purchase the game, head to Party Hard 2 in Opium Pulses' Store!
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