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Colours of Magic: Aqua Teeter Review

Few words about the game

Colours of Magic: Aqua Teeter - A fun and entertaining puzzle game, where your goal is to lead liquid to the right elixir. Sounds easy? Wait a few levels, it gets challenging after a while. As an apprentice magician and alchemist, you learn from different alchemy masters. They teach you to mix elixirs, create potions and control them on the alchemist table. Prove everyone that you are a born alchemist!


  • Nice concept of the game overall
  • Creative levels
  • Realistic physics of your potion
  • Pleasant hand-drawn graphics
  • Very low price for fun content
  • Achievements and cards are nice bonus


  • Soundtrack could be more developed
  • Buggy here and there - after minimization graphics sometimes get bugged, can't turn on sounds after turning them off


It's a fun game in its simplicity. For people complaining that there's a low amount of content or anything like that - it was designed this way, to be a nice and little game to play for a while and have fun. There's quite a lot of levels with a variety of difficulties, so it's totally enough to spend few good hours in the game to pass it. In my opinion, it'd be very nice if mouse control would be added. Luckily, it's not a heavily bugged game, so I can sincerely say that it was a pleasure to play it. The only thing that could be upgraded is a soundtrack, but it's a minor thing - except that, I totally recommend this game for what it is.
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