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Air Missions: HIND Review

Few words about the game

Air Missions: HIND is an amazing combat flight simulator, where you're being deployed into various battlefields to accomplish the commanded missions. I may have no experience with this kind of games as I played only one combat simulator before, but I easily recognize a good game when I play one and this is definitely one of those.


  • Graphics are not breathtaking, but still very nicely done, and the models are pretty realistic
  • Big variety of weapons to customize your helicopter
  • Diversity of missions and surrounding makes it very interesting to play and quite hard to get bored with
  • Sounds are realistic and well done
  • Steering is very good, whether it's on the keyboard and mouse or on the XBOX pad. Also, the control over the vehicle is precise, it takes a while to master it, but it's very rewarding
  • Multiplayer has a huge potential, maybe some live events could help out
  • Developers are active and respond to any kind of feedback, it's always very nice to see it


  • Music is in very low quality, and it's very repetitive
  • Multiplayer is pretty dead, only managed to play when I asked my friends to check it out at the same time
  • I've got a bit of crashing from the game, but the reason is unknown at the minute


I'm not really a helicopters nor simulators enthusiast, so it's somehow new experience playing this kind of game and reviewing it, but from my point of view, the game is awesome! Control over the chopper is smooth and feels realistic, and controls overlay is thought through. Graphics are good, sounds are good, only music could use kind of an upgrade. One thing I can't wait for is multiplayer, I have a feeling that it's going to be big and awesome. Unfortunately, multiplayer seems to be dead, so while it's fun, it's impossible without a pre-made team of friends. If you have 14 euro lying around, go for this game, it's worth for what it offers, especially if it's on a deal. Be aware, I haven't checked out the extra content available for the game, so I'm reviewing only the base of the game, which is totally recommended trying out!
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