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Marble Age Review

Few words about the game

Pre-Civilization Marble Age is a quite complex but peaceful strategy game. Your goal is to expand your territory, make alliances and just explore around your world. It's a really entertaining game, mostly thanks to being based on actual history, but still it's a nice way to spend a free evening. It might not be the best strategy game around, especially with all those restrictions imposed by the game as a lot of potential development is wasted, yet it's one of the nicest I've personally played


  • Lovely cartoon(ish) graphics and practical, adjustable in-game UI
  • Surprisingly, composite technologies tree that boosts up replay value of game a bit
  • Lets players refresh their knowledge about Greek history (which I like even more than my own)
  • Price is fair enough, especially when discounts are going on
  • "Hundreds" (In about 2.5h gameplay occurred only few of those) historical events makes gameplay a bit more varied and interesting


  • Sounds are crappy and music doesn't fit in game
  • Too flash-like feel of a game
  • Short and limited in capabilities of it


It feels a bit like this game was left out too early, devs could give it a little more love, it deserves it. It also might be overwhelming for newcomers, but after max. 1 hour, most of the players should understand mechanics completely. Anyway, it's a pleasant game, with decent price tag, perfect to have a rest from bigger titles and just have fun expanding your little city with loads of random events on the way. Worth at least trying out!
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