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Plight of the Zombie Review

Few words about the game

Plight of the Zombie - the only game where you control zombies, and you actually get sad when they die. And they die a lot, as you need to sacrifice some of them to pass levels. Afterlife is brutal... But thanks to them, you can have at least few hours of fun playing it. Your goal is to collect as many "braainz" as you can in each level to be able to pass to another section of the game, full of new rules and puzzles. If this is not enough for you, worry not! Collecting brains gives you brain bucks, with which you can buy a ton of items to make your zombies even prettier! (Harvey Hammer looks sweet with pink wings, try it ^^) And remember, you're helping a good cause... for zombies of course.


  • Pleasant to eye graphics
  • Atmospheric background music that fits game
  • Ingenious level design. It takes a while to figure out some of those later levels
  • Simple overall game mechanics, what makes it more accessible for our younger players


  • Movement mechanics often glitch when cursor / finger touches some obstacles
  • Price is not harsh but still could be a little lower
  • Gets repetitive after a while
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