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A Story About My Uncle Review

Few words about the game

Exciting and lovely game about exploring a new, unknown world full of beautiful and thrilling views. All you have is a grappling hook and a quest to find your lost uncle. At first, I wasn't sure about this game because let's face it, what game, with this kind of description, might offer us? Apparently A LOT more than you think, as on me, it left a huge impression. One of the best, prettiest adventure games around, 100% worth it.


  • World is full of colourful and magnificent graphics, what makes it exceptionally atmospheric
  • Charming characters models and nice concept of undiscovered civilization
  • Easy to master controls, both on controller or mouse & keyboard
  • Amazing storyline
  • Amusing voice acting, sounds and music
  • Astonishing design of levels
  • Puzzles are not really demanding, what makes the game convenient to play even for our younger part of community (it's also violent-free!)


  • Could be a little longer, took me approximately 2 hours to finish it once. Also replay value is a bit low, only for time trials
  • A bit expensive for that amount of content, but hey, that's what discounts are for! (~3.5 euro on discount)
  • The ending of the game leaves the feeling of being incomplete somehow, but I guess a lot of people will like it, as it leaves a place for "thinking" about what might happen next

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