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It came from space and ate our brains Review
I swear I didn't mind pink before I played this game...

It came from space and was all pink. The game doesn't quite deliver on the brains eating part. I mean it does say your brain was eaten when you die, but I was expecting something more from a game which has brain eating in its title. An animation that demonstrates how a brain is eaten on your character and what becomes of it afterwards? No, the pink aliens do eat brains, but for you they'll make a merciful exception and just kill you.

Okay, maybe I am nitpicking. After all, It came from space and ate our brains is one solid, fun to play shooter that you can enjoy with your friends and they don't even have to put that much effort into learning the gameplay. Everything about it is straightforward. The game mechanics is basically just go forward and shoot. The controls are self-explanatory -- pretty much every key does what you expect it to do. The visuals are hardly an eye candy, but they do a great job at keeping you aware where you should aim your shots. Everything is angular and monochromatic, but the aliens are viciously pink and they will beset you restlessly in swarms until you grow to hate the pink color with every subparticle of every atom of every chemical compound of every cell of your body. Well, at least it's satisfying when they burst after being shot dead.

Pink aliens into pink stardust -- how lovely <3

Speaking of shot, let's talk about our tools of annihilation. You start off with a pistol, which, well -- shoots and kills, but you might get tired with mashing the fire button when your gun shoots that slow and weak. However, as you exterminate the neon-pink invaders, you earn coin which you can spend upgrading your current gun or buying a different one in case a pistol doesn't quite fit your killing style. You can go gangsta with a machine gun, take a close combat approach with a shotgun or straight out flex your muscles with a rocket launcher or a laser gun. My favorite however, is the plasma gun. It has proven the most efficient at keeping the never ending swarms of brain hungry creatures away from my cranium.

One rocket launcher, that'll be 10,000 interstellar dollars. Would you like French fries with that?

And when I say never ending, I do mean the alien hordes are never ending. It came from space and ate our brains doesn't really promote the explore-everywhere-possible sort of playstyle since as you stay too long in a certain location, the game will spawn some more walking pink goo and send it at you so you don't get too bored. The way this game is meant to be played is to keep going forward, always having your gun aimed at an alien. If you keep a long killstreak, your score multiplier goes up and you can flex in front of your friends. If you're bored and out of aliens to shoot, you are doing something wrong. Sure, the consumables and weapon upgrades lying all over levels do help tremendously (especially the medkits, believe me!), but one should not stray away from the main goal of the game. And that goal is to murder the pink jelly.

Beams are my second favorite consumable -- more pink stardust :3

What bugs me about It came from space and ate our brains, apart from its a bit too long title, is the pervasive emptiness and scarcity of content. The game offers campaign and survival modes, both of which can be played alone or in cooperation. The survival mode offers 12 different levels to choose from, which is solid, but for some reason, the campaign mode has only six. Playing them one after another, you can say each level is distinct, but after a longer break you will completely forget why, because any level you play at, will feel equally dull and empty if not infested all around with aliens. Not to mention the game tells no story whatsoever, unless you count its title as the whole story. It's like releasing a book called He got a ring and threw it into a volcano with all pages blank. Except you wouldn't get away with that in case of a book. Triangle Studios' priorities were clearly elsewhere. Their game is packed with action and hordes of aliens that beg to be shot. Plus, the electronic beats playing in the background are pretty dope so despite all the game's shortcomings you should be overall happy. Trigger-happy.

+ easy to pick up
+ fast-paced action
+ you never run out of targets to gun down
+ you get to pick the gun you like
+ the co-op mode
+ the soundtrack
+ the simplistic graphical design...

- ...that'll teach you to hate the color pink
- levels feel empty
- the campaign is a bit too short
- the story feels like it's not there
- the title is too long ;D

Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 9/10
Story: 1/10
Playability: 9/10
Overall: 7/10

Playing with friends is better than playing alone, but make sure you all have the same controller type. Playing on keyboard and mouse is significantly easier than playing on a gamepad.
  • pinky38jasper
    September 06, 2021

     omg i would love some pink stardust

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