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Squad Review

Squad Review


Developed and Published by OffWorld Industries.

Squad is a tactical FPS that provides authentic combat experiences through teamwork, constant communication, and realistic gameplay. 

It bridges the gap between arcade shooter and military simulation with 100-player battles, combined arms combat, base building, and an integrated VoIP system.

Ever wanted to join the military but wasn't allowed to or you just simply didn't make the cut?

Here in Squad, you can either be the commander or a regular troop member, from being a marksman to an engineer. You don't even have to play for the objective, but rather transport troops to and from a specific location, in the middle of combat or just transport ammo to different HABS, which are allied bunkers where you respawn if fighting isn't your thing.

With over 20 maps, plus more if you visit the Steam Workshop, set your sights on becoming a fearless leader with tactics to outsmart your enemies.

Realistic damage - none of that Call of Duty shielding, or infinite sprinting. If you get shot, you are dead with a respawn counter.

What are you waiting for then? Set your scopes and dive right into Squad!


If PUBG and Battlefield had a baby, that baby would be this.

The controls have a huge PUBG feel, but they feel more towards realism than it is in PUBG, and can be quite difficult to use in terms of combat, as you would slowly prone, the same can be said for the stamina, there is no infinite stamina and you will run out of breath after a minute or 2 of running, especially realistic when carrying heavy weapons, as weight is also a factor.

Two things that Squad does deliver on are the graphics, and core gameplay for communication, if you don't have a microphone, I would not recommend this to you because a microphone is a must-have.

I do like the whole feel of realism that Squad offers, the microphone static from other players, and the strategies that can be played, and while this game is very hard for new players like myself, I did manage to bag a couple of kills, which in my opinion is a plus!

There are lobbies for new players, as it is not your typical queue up and join a random match, no, you find a game in a browser, but even with the new user-friendly lobbies, you will still find yourself getting your butt kicked like I did, especially as most players are used to the recoil mechanics.

I found myself opting for the marksman when I could and by that I mean you are given a menu of available selections of weapons, in shorter terms, evening out the playing field instead of just a team full of snipers.

Back on the topic of graphics, they did an incredible job, with destroyed buildings, huge-scale maps, vehicles, and just basically everything you had in Battlefield brought here in Squad.

Sound cues are much to be desired as you will not hear footsteps, but you can hear when bullets are flying off around.

Squad offers a training area for new players to learn to drive vehicles, fly choppers, or general gameplay, you also learn how weapons work and specialist roles like the medic or engineer if you so desired.

I can see some big roleplay here in Squad for those that are interested in that sort of thing, as I believe this is as close to tactical realism as I have played.

There are hundreds of lobbies, some empty, some full but at least I can safely say that there is a good community here, which you do not get in most major games that have toxicity. *cough cough* CoD *cough cough* Fortnite.

(There is a tiny helicopter, which was about 2500 metres away from me.)

Even while zoomed in my marksman, it was hard to hit, but at least I got the kill with the Guided Rockets which were below me!

Final thoughts

As previously mentioned the realism is specifically top-notch, and I would love to play more games like this, I would specifically like to play this game more too, and maybe fine-tune my gameplay with full communication, I didn't however get to try out being a commander, but I also don't think I would be a good commander anyways, since I don't usually take any type of leadership roles.

One thing I wish that would be a thing is the ability to destroy buildings!

Squad is all about communication and will teach you everything you need in the firing range.

If you would like to watch some gameplay footage, you can head on over OpiumPulses socials on Youtube or Twitch.

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