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Barista Simulator Review

Barista Simulator Review


Developer and publisher - CubeCube Sports Ltd

Barista Simulator lets you experience making a wide variety of coffees just like espresso, latte, cappuccino or even your special mix of coffees. 

While managing your coffee shop, you play as a Barista and make the coffees your customers want. It's up to you to choose how to treat your shoppers.

You know those drink makers that pour you your frappuccino at Starbucks or your regular Cappucino at the local Costa, well here in Barista Simulator, you too can see for yourself just how hard that job is.

Play as a beginner coffee maker, or refresh your real-life skills behind the coffee machine, this game can and will teach you the basics, which can be applied to getting that job.

Barista Simulator applies real recipes, procedures and real coffee machines with correct measurements so that you can learn how to make your drinks at home or work.

Barista Simulator puts you as the manager of your very own Barista shop, which can customise, upgrade and design yourself, with a variety of different drinks, barista skills and Cafe skills for you to discover.


You start the game in the tutorial and work your way through learning how to use different functions, like ordering supplies, making drinks, and how to move, you know the basics of any tutorial.

After the tutorial you are pretty much on your own to discover how to use other machines and how to prepare other drinks, it can be fairly easy to learn if you read the booklet, or spend some time with that machine before you open the doors for the customers.

The game makes you remember or at least tries to make you remember measurements and a variety of ingredients that you need to make a specific drink, like the 5* White Chocolate Mocha, which is easy to make, but each size drink requires you to be accurate.

If you don't make the drink accurate, the customer will leave a negative review, and yes this happened to me a lot, I found that making a quick cheat sheet on the harder drinks is the way to go.

The Misto requires Filter Coffee and Milk, starting at 117ml for a Mini cup, but the small cup is like 200 ml, it gets more complicated as you make other drinks, for example, the Caramel Macchiato.

The game does not feature an auto-save, but you can save your game at your house, which is conveniently located next to your store.

The controls are great and very fluid, each machine is nicely tuned and works as intended, even down to cleaning the floors after the shift is finished, or cleaning out the coffee beans after each use.

The complexity of the game is great, and in my opinion amazing, for anyone aspiring to be a Barista, I can feel the love put into it.

The main aim of the game is to upgrade your store, keep that supply chain fluent, and be the best barista that the world has ever seen

One thing that the Barista simulator lacks, is the ability to hire people. As you upgrade the bar gets longer, but you can not hire people to help, the customers are also stupid as they don't select their own food and snacks, instead, you have to get it yourself.

Final thoughts

It's a really fun game, though frustrating and a real pain, the game feels fun.

The funniest thing is when the delivery truck throws your new machines or supplies out at you, or when you beat a customer with your baseball bat, absolutely hilarious, knock them right out of the park!

I kept wanting to play it more and more, which shows how much I like this game.

If you would like to check out some gameplay elements, you can view them on the Opium Pulses socials on YouTube and Twitch.

There are multiple parts to the videos.

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