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Clunky Hero Review

Platform: Switch, PC, Xbox, Playstation

Developers: Chaosmonger Studio

In a far, far...away place lived a husband and his not-so-beautiful wife... Anyways there is more to this story, but you'll have to play for yourself, you lazy toads. But first, let me help you decide whether this story is worth its coin, money... or whatever currency.

What does Clunky Hero entail?

A peasant named Rufus, was living an ordinary life with his wife, Brunilde, who wasn't exactly much of a looker but was boisterously smart and funny. One day, they awakened to the evil one spreading his minions throughout the town. Brunilde was kidnapped by the evil one and turned into a hideous blonde duck-faced woman who is obsessed with staring at herself in a small handheld mirror.

Rufus is determined to win her back with his trusty bucket helmet and a broom for a weapon. He is the town's only hope of defeating the evil one and saving his wife and village.

Nearly 50 levels are set in 9 different areas with eight skills at your disposal. All the while defeating bosses, various side quests to help level your character, and trading items at various shops throughout the game.

This game is truly a crazy platformer with a touch of RPG and great humour.

So What is Gameplay Like?

Graphically speaking, the art truly is beautiful. The artists did a brilliant job, especially regarding the cutscenes. I certainly enjoyed watching the scenes and, at times, wished there was more to see. 

As for the story's writers, they certainly had me chuckling away. Especially where they also poke fun at themselves by breaking the 4th wall. A character named Vaxena says she can't go into the dungeon for a said reason, and Rufus replies with "sounds like lazy writing." In another instance, a character named Priscilla says, "I don't have an in-game coded." In response about having a shop.

The audio is immersive and fits well with the game's theme. Listening to Rufus talk is ridiculously funny. Its just jibberish, but it makes me think of a caveman speaking. The ching chang of coins is satisfying, because it means more coins to spend at a shop!

Just those parts alone draw you into the game.

At the start of the game, you are given a quick tutorial on how the controls work. It's very straightforward and easy to understand. The only thing I struggled to get used to was pressing B instead of A to drink things and such (I was playing on the switch.) I'm used to pressing B to exit from things.

I personally struggled with progressing with the levels, due to constantly getting lost but I have no sense of direction. A lot of the time I was just going around in circles. At times you do have to use your brain. Then again it wouldn't be a 2D platformer if you didn't have to think what would be the best way to get over an obstacle. I quite liked the challenge in that sense. It would have been nice when taking on enemies to have the option to use a button to defend yourself as they sure do hit hard.

The only way to save the game was by finding a lamp. If you died, you would lose your save and end up back where you had last saved. I personally prefer having check points. But each to their own.

I was pleasantly surprised that they had added a mechanic to fast travel to places, but to do so, you need to find borrows. It helped me when I did get lost on many occasions, so I was thankful for them. Even if it did mean, I had to search.

The game overall ran smoothly on my switch, and I came across no issues with performance.

My Overall Opinion

Clunky Hero is a great game to relax and unwind too. As well as have a good laugh along the way. You certainly have a couple of hours' worth of gameplay to get through and an interesting story to follow. 

I personally enjoyed exploring this wonderful world and coming across new challenges. The sense of humour is spot on, at least for my taste. If you aren't into crude or dark humour, then be warned, because there is a good deal of it. 

For a 2D platformer, there is plenty to do and discover, especially with the addition of side quests that help in your quest to rescue your wife.

I have to admit, when I first looked at this game to review I was apprehensive, because 2D platformers are not my thing. However, I think quite possibly Clunky Hero has changed my view on this genre of game.

Therefor I give it my stamp of...


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