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Handyman Corporation Review

Handyman Corporation Review


Developer - YuzuGames LTD / PublisherAnalox

In Handyman Corporation you become the owner of a business where you handle a variety of jobs in cleaning, maintenance, design, and construction. 

Accept contracts, play minigames to perform every task required.

Handyman Corporation is a repair service run by you, the player.

Each job is handed to you, a newly opened repair service, where you must fix, paint or replace specific parts of furniture or walls. Better hurry though, as you are on the clock and will get angry messages and phone calls from clients if you take too long.

Preorder your tools, level up the skill menu and become an organisation to be reckoned with.


I have mixed feelings about the current version of the game, it feels neglected, but it also feels fulfilled.

There are many appliances and furniture to choose from to customise your own apartment, and the UI is intuitive and readable, the problem really comes down to people's homes, as well as standard decorating and repair.

I will go into more detail below!


• Real-life experience - The game offers minigames that could potentially help you to be a handyman in real life, though most of the things shown are basic and generic.

• Skill upgrades - You can hire other professionals and upgrade your own skills to either paint 4 walls at once or get paid more per job like electrical or decoration.

• Customization - The ability to customise your home, including furniture, paint and everything else.

• Toolbox - Like a professional, you have to place your toolbox to fix an object, I thought this was genius, the same applies to when you place down the paint can.


• Super repetitive - Most jobs are easy, and very repetitive and will mostly consist of painting walls a certain colour, or fixing the carpet/table.

• Lack of rooms - There are basically 2-3 houses that you can go to in terms of taking a job, which makes the game rather easy when you know where everything is. Including fixing the ceiling lights.

• Boring - It does and can get boring after about an hour of constant painting and repetitiveness of jobs.

• Low pay - The game does not do well in terms of compensation for work done as most of your budget is blown on buying the furniture or supplies. Not to mention the ridiculous phone calls if a certain item is taking too long to be delivered.


While the game offers some replayability and learning to be a real handyman, this game could help in upstarting a career. With the tools that you can get with the game, you could make quick work of anything thrown at you.

The learning curve for the minigames is not that hard and can be quickly picked up, therefore making the game feel boring.

Adding more houses and a variety of tasks and house duties could make the game more fun.



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