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Post Void Review

Designed as a relentless adrenaline rush aimed at a niche who swears by speed and bright, flashing lights, Post Void is the kind of shooter that quickly devolves into a shallow experience after the first few runs. This sensory overload masquerading as an old-school FPS lacks any significant depth or appeal that may keep a player invested for more than a few minutes, resulting in a frustrating and potentially seizure-inducing game that has more style than substance.

Maze of Blinding Lights

Flashing lights, noise blasting, super speed… Post Void is a no-holds barred action game that feels like you have just experienced some hallucinatory drugs and decided to play a retro shooter. In one hand, you hold an idol with liquid that doubles as your health and a timer, normally dripping at a fast pace but also losing liquid when you get hit; in the other hand you have a pistol. Now you must get into these procedurally generated mazes and find the way out of each, in a total of 11 levels.

Speed is crucial, as the liquid barely holds inside its odd container, leaking in a few seconds and taking you into the game over screen, only to be greeted by another wild succession of images and flashes. You have an accessibility option to reduce these events, but if you got the game and plan on enjoying it, you probably already know that it attacks your senses in ways that hopefully won’t affect your health.

Speeding and sliding across the repetitive labyrinths, you strive to reach the inconspicuous exit by feeding your idol with enemy kills. Each enemy you eliminate restores a little of that vital fluid, but that only amounts to a few seconds at a time. In other words, no time to explain, just keep going, shooting everyone and everything, and hoping that you discover the end of the level by chance.

When you conclude a level, you get to pick one out of three upgrades, including new weapons, a compass pointing to the exit, shorter reload times, and the like. You get slightly better odds for the next level, but die and you are back in square one, no upgrades, and possibly no major motivation to restart.

Post Void looks decent in its retro inspiration, zips along at a great pace, but isn’t going to blow your mind in the same way that your headshots blow your enemies’. Audio is as noisy as you should expect to match the visuals, and you either love or hate this full-on attack on senses.

Blink and You Miss It

That’s all there is to Post Void, a chaotic shooter that may scratch the itch of die-hard, old-school, hardcore shooter fans who, for some reason, can’t find a better game. Despite the low price tag, the thrills that it offers are too vapid and trivial if you want something with a little more substance beyond the psychedelic lights and images - you could do a lot better with something like Project Downfall, also ruthless and frantic, but a far superior game.


  • It’s surely fast and furious
  • Upgrade system is good to have


  • Excessively psychedelic
  • Becomes boring in a heartbeat

Rating: 4/10

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