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Demonic Supremacy Review

Demonic Supremacy Review

Developed and Published by; Chilidog Interactive


Demonic Supremacy is an old-school 3D shooter with a certain nostalgic flavour and few gamer-friendly features. 

It offers several hours of hurricane gameplay rocking through memorable levels with the explosive heavy metal soundtrack!

Do you remember back in 1993 and 1996, when the releases of Quake and DOOM were all the hype for First-person shooters? Well, let me present to you Demonic Supremacy.

You will very much notice that the graphics and general gameplay are very similar to that beautiful retro era.

Most games from Chilidog Interactive are the same way, with games like;

     • Dead station,

     • Zombo buster advance.

Either way, the Steam page description even states, the same thing that I just mentioned, an old-school shooter, with a certain nostalgic flavour, for those that enjoyed Quake and DOOM, you may or may not feel overjoyed or even underwhelmed by what Demonic Supremacy offers.

The game majorly features some heavy metal music which can be a bonus rush of adrenaline when fighting off a horde!


Demonic Supremacy offers a pretty good tutorial section and even dedicates a level to it, though it does not count towards achievements, there are a total of 51 levels to complete if you include the tutorial.

The tutorial gives the player a chance to adjust sensitivity, whilst also teaching you about different aspects of the game.

Collectable power-ups, movement, using the different weapon categories as well as showing you special moves like the ability to raise enemies and splat them against the floor or shouting to paralyze an enemy temporarily.

There are 4 different weapon types that you can use in the game, but you can not use all weapons in some of the levels. The levels are pre-designed to make you take a beating. Health is adjusted, weapons are pre-selected the only thing you can decide is how you will approach the level with the system called Panopticon.

Panopticon is a shop where you can buy temporary power-ups that can help you on the floor, though these cost gold coins which you find in the arenas in chests or beating enemies. They do disappear after a set time, so be careful!

Demonic Supremacy features a Dungeon crawling, arena-based combat mode where you must try to pass 50 levels of varied difficulty and enemies. Enemies can range from small to wall-crawling demonic entities, I was surprised at how well the combat worked when fighting.

Dodging, conserving ammo, and stamina are all parts that you must take into consideration, remember that Panopticon? This will help you grant temporary powers to help lessen the burden on those particular areas.

When I say it feels a lot like Quake and DOOM, I mean it. The game even has that jerky movement where if you hold forward it will continue to walk an extra 2 steps before it realises that you have released the key to walk!

Now let's talk about weapons, there are 4 types, each with its own unique perks.

     • Shotgun - This weapon has unlimited ammo, but you must reload so it isn't a bottomless clip, the weapon does some good damage to the head, but not so much anywhere else.

     • Minigun - Usually has around 500-800 bullets depending on the level you play, fast firing and can easily clear out a room full of entities.

     • Grenade Launcher - Exactly as it says, explodes on impact, it is very nice for crowd control but has limited ammo.

     • Energy gun - Spits a slow but highly damaging orb of energy towards an enemy, useful against bosses, but not so great against a horde.

Out of all these, I would say the Shotgun and the Grenade launcher have the best versatility of usage, and you can always hope and find more ammo somewhere lying around in the arena, which they do sometimes spawn.

Final thoughts

Unsure what my final thoughts would be...

The game was fun for sure, but the movement felt weird in some places when in combat. The crosshair for me was not my favourite highlight, I think it's just way too big and covers the middle of the screen way too much.

The graphics with the special effect from the ability that raises enemies in a mist of red blood are amazing, some other designs of the enemies feel as if I was in Quake, and the feeling of using the weapons also felt like that.

I might try and continue to floor 50, and get all those beautiful achievements, but I shouldn't hope for something like that when the game's difficulty is pretty insane.

The game starts easy, luring you into a false sense of confidence before throwing you a bomb with a major difficulty increase to around level 4. The game has no chill, like being dropped into the deep end of the pool.


I would rate this game;



(5 being the highest)



Nintendo Switch,



If you wish to check out the main website for the game you can do so Here!

(The game is available for those playing on Linux and Mac machines as well!)

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