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Noun Town Language Learning 2023

Noun Town Language Learning 2023 Review

Developer and PublisherNoun Town

Noun Town Language Learning is the new way to learn a foreign language! Interact, listen, read, and speak your chosen language in a world that regains colour as you learn. 

Test your skills with mini-games & talk to the local villagers. Learn Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and more…

Noun Town is a learning adventure game, that takes you to a variety of places to learn basic words in a multitude of languages.

With 7 different languages, with Verbal and on-screen translations, you can feel confident that you can pick up some words here and there.

Master the language of your choice by picking up "Noun Boxes" and then using Speech recognition to speak the word.

Learn, Speak, Read, and Revise in quick mini-games and revision tests.

Do you have what it takes to be a linguist? The more you learn, the more colour you bring to your world!


Besides playing this game on Steam, you can also look into having a more immersive learning experience and play this in VR.

The game offers a small tutorial to show you the main ropes that you'll be harnessing to get your bearing on the basics of the game.

In the tutorial, you will be given the option to choose one of the 7 available languages. Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Italian.

It will then take you through navigating with movement keys, to following simple instructions in your mail inbox. It will then start teaching you a word in your chosen language when you finally get moving to your first area. For me, it was "La bebida" Which is "drink" in Spanish.

For you to make the most out of this game, you will need a working microphone and a quiet place. It can and it will pick up on background noise and make you fail words. I tried to get the word "Los Dumplings" to work so many times before it eventually worked.

Some words are spoken to you, and you must either repeat what they said or select the correct option. Be wary, the game is still in Early Access and some words do not sound as they should. I had a word for "Trece" which is the number 13 in Spanish, instead of it sounding like it should it was over-pronunciating the "ce" sound.

A lot of the words you hear are from AI, but there are also a multitude of other voices, so you may not get the same one every time you click to hear the word.

Besides learning basic noun words from the Cafe, bakery, farm yard and Zoo, you can also have conversations with the local residents. These conversations are purely spoken in the language you chose, luckily I had some Spanish learnt already so I kind of understood.

Thankfully, for those who are just starting out in the language, you can translate it into English with a simple switch of the button.

From what I know, you can learn words, colours and numbers, which can be found throughout the world.

Words come from locations, numbers come from broken robot pieces and finally, colours come from planting seeds.

As you slowly learn more words and successfully revise them in the testing Kiosk, your world slowly starts to fill with colour. For extra credit, you can also use the Minigame machine found in each location.

Warning: There were some sound issues whilst recording, for your safety, listen at a low volume.

Final Thoughts

At first, I thought it would bring me in slowly, as I am still at Kindergarten level in my chosen language, but in fact, I felt as though I was thrown into the deep end.

With the funky Speech recognition being the way it is, it's clear to see why it's still Early Access, hopefully with some tweaking to it, it could even recognise my voice from time to time.

What annoyed me the most was that you can only learn 5 words in a 24-hour period. Sure, you can go around to all the places in the world, but I'd rather learn the words in one area, more content unlocks as you colour the world in, and having to spend 2-3 real days just to progress is not my idea of fun.

I guess repetition is one of the best ways to learn, and Noun Town definitely is all about repetitive learning.



I would rate this a 4

If the Speech recognition worked as intended, the AI voices were more accurate, and there was no Daily Limit, I would rate this a complete 5

(5 being the absolute best)




If you would like to know more about the Developer behind the game, visit HERE

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