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Celente Immortal Review

Celente Immortal Review

Developed and Published by F8tality games

An Action-RPG game where you can recruit characters from all over the world as you go on adventures and explore new areas.

Celente Immortal takes you on a hardcore adventure through an unknown kingdom.

Faust awakens in a cave, with the only goal in mind, to find a person named Faro. Progress in the tightly spaced dungeon, and extremely difficult combat and you will come out on top.

Are you up for the challenge? If you are, then prepare to die and restart from your last save more time than you change your underwear in the week.


Do you remember that old Final Fantasy game that first came out on the NES in 1987? Well, this game will deliver a much harder challenge than when you first fought Garland.

There is no tutorial, you are just thrown into the game on the selection of New Game, and now you must figure out the controls in your first battle, there's no control scheme, no settings... Just a moshpit of you and goblins.

All the enemies that you encounter will hit you hard, and they will hit you fast too, you have the option to try and run around, and let your allies do the work, but jeez... They take a while to kill something.

Oh, and if you died well tough luck, now you get the reward of having to watch that super slow text-speed dialogue all over again. That's right, dying means that you need to start fresh.

Thankfully, there is a save function. Use it often, and by often, every chance that you can get. Early gameplay is incredibly tough after you leave the first initial dungeon. You will wish you saved the game when you have to rewatch the slow and gruelling dialogue scenes again.

Featuring no skill upgrades, no talent trees and most importantly, no levelling up, you are sure to die 3-5 times before you leave the first dungeon to the hobgoblin.

This game does, however, have chests where you can find items that improve health, armour and attack damage, but these are rare. Celente also features a clear dungeon reward which you will receive an item after eliminating the dangers in that dungeon.

Be warned, if you leave the area or dungeon they will respawn back thus having to start from scratch again. Each area has a numbered mount of enemies that you need to kill and defeat, and boy you don't want to mess with the trees in the werewolf quest... They hit hard.

You could also purchase items from the shops scattered around, but they are expensive, and require a lot of patience when it comes to saving the gold needed.

Final Thoughts

The dialogue is long, but it does have a snot-nosed kid with a bad attitude as the main protagonist.

Besides the insanely crazy difficulty scale, the controls are not all that great either, L2 for menu open and close, the use of all skills binded to different buttons including the R1.

General controlling is off-putting, most likely designed with controllers in mind, and not a game for Keyboard players.

If you are capable of doing it and have patience for this game, you can go around the map and recruit people, after you finish their quests first, which I thought was a good highlight to show.

Music and Audio cues are another highlight of the game featuring a pretty decent soundtrack. Graphics are what you would expect from an RPG Maker 2D game, but that doesn't make it bad.



I would rate this a 2

It's difficult, the controls are pretty bad, and the constant game reloading becomes repetitive. It's a 2 because I liked the music soundtracks.

(5 being the absolute best)



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