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The Fall Review

Review of The Fall! 


What is The Fall? It is an adventure-game, puzzle solving and side-scroller action with a mix of Sci-Fi plus a great story behind it!  


  • The story is the heart of The Fall with a lot of detail to backstory. 

  • Great character development.  

  • Good visuals. 

  • Excellent voice acting. 

  • Spooky atmosphere. 

  • Nice achievements to get plus some for the achievement hunters out there. 

  • Interesting puzzles to try and complete. 


  • The action could be a better as shooting a little wonky. 

  • Controls can be a little clunky on mouse/keyboard recommend a controller. 

  • Some puzzles can be confusing at times did have to look at a guide for 2 of puzzles. 

  • Very short length completed it in 3.5 hours. 

  • No graphical options. 

  • Missing volume settings. 

  • For £7/$9 not really worth the price I would say £5/$6-$7 is a suitable price. 



For a crowd funded game it does deliver on its promises with great visuals and excellent story telling, the mechanics are well thought out like the puzzles for example, I won't spoil anything but some require some actual thinking to complete the puzzle. For the price though there isn't much re playability apart from getting all the achievements, the story is quite short but interesting there is a part 2 for those people who enjoyed the game a lot. Do I recommend the fall? I give it a Thumbs up! 

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