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Breathedge Review

 What is Breathedge? Think of subnautica meets space but managed to watch Amy Schumer Netflix special.

Reviewed in early access build:


  • The humour is good at time but a lot of p*ss jokes and dark humour jokes. 

  • Quite challenging to complete. 

  • Has fun survival simulation mechanics. 

  • The story is quite funny and interesting as you meet babe (just a pair of click bait  ) 

  • The robot that talks to you gives funny dialog while you explore new places.  

  • Great graphics. 

  • Options menu has all the graphic and music settings needed for early access. 

  • Supports a wide variety of controllers.  

  • Did not encounter any bugs. 




  • Very short game at the moment with 1 chapter. 

  • The voice acting can be a bit bad at times. 

  • Expensive for about 2 – 4 hours of Entertainment cost £12 - $10 but that can change as its in early access.  

  •  Need a bit of balancing with the oxygen as you run out so quick. 




It’s a fun game just a shame its 2 – 4 hours of game play but as it is in early access it can change they can add another chapter soon or anything but I'm sure they will spend time adding new stuff and improve some mechanics, aside from that it’s a fun game I'll have to keep my eye on best buy on sale. I give it a Thumbs Up. 

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